The Golden Tour slot machine is a well-designed and clay 5-reel slot by Playtech, one of the leaders in this highly evolving industry. It offers 5 paylines is Scatter and Wild symbols while also offering you an intriguing jackpot for which to compete. If you are a fan of golf, Playtech has thought of you, the Golden Tour puts you in the shoes of a golf phenomenon and luck will have to be on your side in order to win the big prizes up for grabs. You’ll also have the classic Dollar Ball option and then aim to get to the famous progressive jackpot. The graphics are certainly not amazing, we are at least 20 years behind, but it is not a boring game, but exciting and brilliant.


When playing a golf game like Golden Tour you expect the symbols to be those related to this type of world. You’ll find shoes, Karts, clubs, flags, balls and the Golden Tour logo as well as other symbols. Symbols light up when you center a winning combination. The Gold Double Ball symbol can replace the bronze and silver balls to give you even more winning combinations.


The value of the bet is 1 euro per shot and you will have to decide how many payment lines you want to use each bet. Then you can bet from 1 to 5 euros for each roller ride with the Golden Tour slot machine. The Dollar Ball option is present, it’s a lot-style game that’s been included on the Golden Tour and it’s the only way you’ll have to win the juicy progressive jackpot. It will cost you just one credit and allow players to choose from 5 balls of 49 and if you find two equals you will win the prize fee. If all 5 balls have the same symbol, the player will win the progressive jackpot. To enter the bonus round you will have to align at least 3 identical symbols and so you will have to choose a putter, an iron or a driver and you will win an instant prize regardless of your choice. It’s a nice game, although you can’t say that Golden Tour is a masterpiece, especially if we compare it with the best games around. Luck of course is always the biggest discriminating, you can choose to play it for free and see if you like it and then in case you switch to the real hard-based mode.